New FOP-M260

FOP-M260, the smallest commercially-available fiber optic pressure sensor for the medical market.

 Miniature medical pressure transducer

FISO is a unique reference for the medical market. Combined with the FOP-MIV and the soon commercially-available FOP-F125, the FOP-M260 fiber optic miniature pressure sensor is part of the most extensive offer in the market. Besides being the smallest fiber optic pressure sensor available on the medical market, the FOP-M260 is the first to be smaller than a 1 French catheter. This new sensor has a diameter of 260 microns (0.010 inches) and accounts for a 50% size reduction over the current FOP-MIV pressure sensor. The development of this sensor is a significant step and provides an immediate solution to situations where the FOP-MIV's size was a limitation. The design of the FOP-M260 is similar to the FOP-MIV and will be easily integrated into FISO's automatic assembly line, allowing FISO to reach the same high volume than for the FOP-MIV, representing tens of thousands of units per year.