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Refractive index

Fiber optic refractive index sensors developed and manufactured by FISO are suitable for various applications such as quality control, research & development and in-line process control. When used as in-line refractometers, they allow continuous measurement of key characteristic of fluidic mixtures.


Widely used in cooling system industry to monitor the quality of oil in the carter of compressor to assess the reliability of compressors, they also find their place in the petrochemical industry.


With different designs and configurations, our products present the following characteristics:

  • Broad range of reading: 1.0 to 1.7 RI
  • High resolution: 0.0001
  • Design adapted to in-situ and in-line measurement


Range: 1.0000 to 1.7000
Resolution: 0.0001
Compatible with organic solvent

Range: 1.0000 to 1.7000
Resolution: 0.0001
Compatible with organic solvent
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Multi-parameters signal conditioner
Temperature, pressure, strain, displacement, RI
Display and key pad

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