Historical Highlights

Historical Highlights

Delivery of a new OEM compact generation of signal conditioners, 85% smaller.
FISO successfully obtained ISO-13485:2003 and ISO-9001:2008 certifications.

Launch of FPI-HS/HE high speed signal conditioner, a new generation of modules optimized to measure
small current with higher resolution and speed.

Release of FOP-M260 fiber optic pressure sensor, which size is below 1 French catheter, based on MOMS
technology. Its diameter is of 260 microns (0.010 inch).

Introducing FOP-F125 pressure sensor, which has a diameter of 125 microns.  Result of the close
collaboration with LEOSS, a Slovenian research group from University of Maribor.

Introducing a new generation of fiber optic signal conditioner modules, combined with the new
EVOLUTION table-top platform EVO-SD-X.
FPI-HERO for EED testing, compatible with FOT-HERO sensors.

Introducing FPI-HR, a new multiparameter signal conditioner, which has a fastest device available for
OEM applications, with a maximum measuring speed of 250 Hz per channel.

NOR-TT 1-6 channel monitoring system with modbus communication protocol for the energy market.

Release of OEM fiber optic signal pressure monitoring system for the medical market.

Acquisition of Nortech Sentinel technologies.
First step in the implementation of ISO 9001.
Introducing the FRI refractive index sensor.

Introducing OSR with electrical slip-ring controlling Microwave Station for the food market.

ROCTEST acquires FISO Technologies.
Launch of DMI 16-32 channel signal conditioner & VELOCE system channel module.
Begin to produce a high volume of OEM products – first temperature sensor with intelligent connector.

FTI-10 V4 – first unit which has a FLASH memory with programming capacity in this domain.
Launch of UMI 4-8 channel signal conditioner; 20 Hz sampling rate.
Launch of BUS 1-8 system channel module, 1000 Hz sampling rate.
Introducing pressure sensor – FOP.

FTI-1k – new version of fiber optic signal conditioner with a faster sampling rate.
Introducing displacement sensor – FOD.

FISO Technologies is founded.
First fiber optic temperature signal conditioner FTI-100/FTI-10 V2 intended to measure strain (FOS) and temperature (FOT) is developed, assembled and manufactured.